Put Your Child in the Story with Crayon Crunch

One of my most cherished times with my kids is when we're snuggling together reading. Reading has always been one of our favorite family activities. Just recently, we've read our first chapter book together. It took a few weeks to read, with reading a chapter every night. Nonetheless, the experience was priceless and has fostered my sons' love of reading all the more.

Sometimes our boys read the same book, over and over again. Other times, we're able to read a new book every day through reading apps on my boys' iPads. But with our new discovery, Crayon Crunch, our boys are able to experience reading in a while new way by finding themselves embedded as characters into the very stories they are reading!

With www.CrayonCrunch.com you can send your child on a one of a kind literary adventure. On the website, you can choose and combine different hairstyles, hair colors, skin tones, facial features, eye colors, clothing, and possible disabilities to create the lead character, YOUR CHILD!

I had such a fun time creating my son DJ for his personalized book! I tried to match his character's clothes to DJ's own favorite outfits. DJ was so surprised when he saw his character he said, "Wow Mom! He really looks like me!"

Reading the story together, I could see DJ more engaged in any of the stories he's read before. He really put himself in the story and let his imagination go! Seeing his character on the page brought the story to life. He'd stop every so often and ask me clarifying questions or predict what would happen on the next page. It was so much fun watching him engage in the story. 

The printed letter at the end of the book is what really makes the book special! When you customize your book, parents are encouraged to write a personalized letter to be printed at the end of the story. In our letter to DJ, we wrote some of the words of advice we give him regularly which made the book even more unique. When DJ read, "Mom and Dad want you to be the best DJ you can be...", he knew this book was made just for him! When I shared with my son that no one else in the whole world had a book just like his, his eyes lit up. 

The captivating adventure story, coupled with the awesome, colorful illustrations is a story any young child would love!

So, how does it work?

1) Visit www.CrayonCrunch.com and click "Character Creator" to create your custom character to mirror your child's characteristics. 
2) The book can be ordered with either a soft cover or a hard cover.
3) Free shipping gets your book delivered to your door!