Your Go-To Haven from Stress - Zenspa Take Me Away!

Being a school counselor on a year-round school schedule has it's perks! A few weeks vacation very 8 weeks of school is a great time to reenergize and relax. I find it helps me stay focused at work and not stress out (too much). Not to mention, my kids are on a traditional school schedule so while they have just started school, I'm on vacation to enjoy some well-deserved mommy time.

Thanks to my friends at Zenspa in Carmel Mountain, I kicked off my two-week vacation from work with some pampering. 

When I arrived, I was greeted by Iris and Vivian, managers at Zenspa, The lobby had soft lighting and quiet music which definitely sets the relaxing mood I was ready for,

They had me fill out some paperwork to ensure my experience was customized to my needs. The questionnaire asked about any pre-existing health conditions or any allergies. There was also a diagram of the entire body which I was asked to circle parts of my body I wanted my massage to focus on. My lower back, hips, and shoulder areas were spots I made sure I circled. There was also a question about the desired pressure for the massage: light, medium, deep, or extremely deep. I choose deep.  I also wrote my concerns about my uneven skin tone and patchy ache. Iris and Vivian emphasized that each service is customized based on the questionnaire to ensure the customers needs are met.

I spent my first hour with Susanne for my deep tissue massage. My massage started gently and slowly, warming and softening up my body. Then Susanne started her magic. She paid close attention to the spots I circled on my questionnaire which was perfect! I got goosebumps a few times because of the perfect spots being rubbed and kneaded. Susanne used her entire forearm and elbows to get to the parts of my back that had some stubborn knots in the muscles. The pressure was just right as indicated on my questionnaire. I could feel my muscles relax and the knots slowly melt away.

Massage Room -  From
My second hour was with Melody for my Zenspa Customized Facial which included brightening therapy, an enzyme pumpkin and apple spice peel, warm towels with citrus scents, and more. The brightening therapy was best to address my concerns about my uneven skin tone and scarring from my patchy acne. My face, from the top of my forehead to the tip of my nose to the bottom of my chin, tingled with each treatment. I felt like my face was saying, "Ooooh, Ahhhh, thank you so much!". While the treatments sat on my face, Melody massaged by shoulders, neck, and arms with a wonderfully fragrant rose lotion while a warm compress sat underneath of shoulders. My face was glowing with delight after my facial.
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Zenspa offers a variety of different massages, facials, body treatments, waxing, and their newest service, acupuncture. They offer a monthly budget wellness plan to save money and also help you commit to taking care of yourself. Be sure to visit their website for more special offers.

Zenspa is a haven from stress so much so I caught myself snoring a few times during my treatments. It was THAT relaxing! I loved it! I left the spa all relaxed and muscles loose, with a face glowing with rejuvenation! If you need a place to relax and recharge, this is definitely the place!

Be sure to visit Zenspa's website, Facebook, and Twitter for specials and to book your relaxation getaway!

I received complimentary spa services in exchange for this blog post and social media reviews. All opinions are mine.