Shower Hairball Help with the Drain Wig!

Ok, I'm guilty. Guilty of leaving my clump of hair in the shower drain. I'm even more guilty of the hairball that clogs my bathroom sink. Yes, it's gross. Hubby hates it, especially since he's the one who comes to the rescue to unclog our drains. I gotta love him!

What if you could have a contraption that caught all that hair and made it easy to dispose of without even touching it?

The answer is the Drain Wig!

It's super easy to use, right? The Drain Wig catches hair in the drain and prevents those nasty clogs! I spare you the nasty pictures of my hairball caught in my Drain Wig because it's really gross! The Drain Wig does work and hubby is thankful for it!

The holidays are just around the corner for this practical stocking stuffer! Make sure to visit Drain Wig's website or on Facebook to get your very own!

Disclaimer: I received my very own Drain Wig in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are mine.