Relax and Unwind with Happy Head San Diego

Disclaimer: I received complimentary spa services in exchange for this blog post and social media shares. All opinions are mine.

Having a two week Fall break from my work as a school counselor is a welcome diversion, especially this time of the year. My two boys are now both in elementary school which has some challenges with routines and extra-curricular schedules. This two week break has helped me focus on getting them settled with our daily routines. 

In addition to helping my sons with their school day routines, my Fall Break has also been busy with catching up with...

chores around the house:
  • transitioning my sons' closet - out with the small clothes!
  • getting rid of "baby toys" and organizing the toys my boys decided to keep
  • cleaning out the pantry and deep cleaning the kitchen
  • creating out home "library" and getting rid of the "baby books"

professional development to help me be the best school counselor I can be:
It's been a busy two weeks, but I made sure I built in some time for me to...

Last week I had a wonderfully relaxing time at Zenspa in Carmel Mountain. It was a great start to my two week break. 

This week I had the pleasure of spending a morning at Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage in my neighborhood of Mira Mesa. 

As I stepped into the lobby of Happy Head, I took a deep breath of relaxation. It was nice and quiet, and the environment was relaxing. The decor was very spa like and welcoming. 

The receptionist took me into the spa for my massage and I was in awe of the community massage room. It was so calming and relaxing. The mood lighting was perfect and the great Buddha in the middle demanded peace and calm. In this community massage room, you can enjoy an Asian style foot reflexology and body massage. It’s done partially clothed. Soothe your aching feet in a relaxing foot soak while your head, shoulders, back, hands, and feet are massaged to make you feel years younger and relieve tension and stress. This massage is designed to pamper and purify with special focus on the body areas that receive the hardest stress in daily life. I'm definitely going to come back to enjoy this space!
photo compliments of Yelp
Once in my private room, I was in relaxation mood. The spa room decor was minimalistic, the lighting was dim, which added to the relaxing atmosphere. My to-go massage style is the deep tissue massage to get rid of the knots in my neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips area. My deep tissue massage was very intense, much more than other deep tissue massages I'd had before. A few times she straddled by body to use her forearms and elbows to work the parts of my body really well. She pressed and kneaded a few pressure points along my neck, as well as up and down my back which left me feeling like a noodle after my massage. I was so relaxed and "loose" after the experience, I went home and look a two hour nap. A massage that makes me pass out is testament that it did the trick and helped me reach the perfect space of relaxation!

Happy Head Massage in San Diego has award winning design. With tranquil Buddha rooms to relaxing private massage rooms, the Happy Head is the premier place in San Diego to get a great massage without the spa prices. The fact that the Mira Mesa location is only a few minutes from my home is definitely a benefit!

Before I left, I had to ask the receptionist about the name of the spa, "Happy Head". She laughed and did admit they get questions and inquiries as to the services they offer because of the name of their business. She did reassure me, and it is very obvious with the quality of services they offer, that Happy Head Foot Reflexology and Massage is not "that" kind of establishment!

My experience at Happy Head helped me reach my "happy place" to relax and unwind. It's been 24 hours since my visit and I still feel like a noodle and am still feeling the "Ohmmmmm" of relaxation! I look forward to my next visit!

Happy Head has several locations in San Diego:

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