My Techie Kids Loved Apple Camp

"Mom, we're going to billionaires!" my 7-year old was yelling the other day as he was playing with MIT App Inventor website. In my head, I'm thinking "I sure hope so son..."

My kids have a love for technology. On the weekends (if they earn it), they are attached to their iPads. My eldest's art projects involve making smartphones, tablets, and computers with paper, cardboard, and markers. Check out the hashtag #GarciaYayTechnology on Instagram for samples of their work. 

I'm always looking for techie activities for my boys that aren't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Technology camps can be so expensive averaging a few hundred dollars a week. 

My boys have tried the Microsoft Tech Tots workshop before and we had mixed reviews. 

Thanks to's post, my boys gave the Apple Camp a try and loved it! 

Thanks to my parents for bringing my boys while hubby and I were at work. My parents are awesome! 

First day of Apple Camp! Getting ready for the activities. 
At Apple Camp, kids ages 8-12 learn how to shoot their own footage, create an original song in GarageBand on an iPad, and put it all together in iMovie on a Mac. This free workshop, held at the Apple Store, spans three days and ends with campers debuting their masterpieces at the Apple Camp Film Festival.

Here are the boys with one of the first steps in the movie making process: creating a story board.

Homework the first night was to shoot footage at home based on the story board they created. We shot the video footage at home. I was the camera woman and the boys set up their own props and did the story line all on their own. 

The next day at Apple Camp, they used iMovie to put their video together. They even used Garage Band to create their own background soundtrack to their video. 

Here's 7-year old Julian's video:

Here's 5-year old DJ's video:

So proud my of my boys being the youngest of the bunch to participate! They learned the fundamentals of iMovie and GarageBand which will be helpful for future class projects and assignments! Thanks Apple Store Otay Ranch for a great experience!

If you'd like to learn more about Apple Camp, visit to be added to the email list for Apple Camp 2016!