Giveaway: Make Back to School a Breeze With the Samsung Gear Fit

I received a Samsung Gear Fit from ATT San Diego in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are mine.

I know many of you can relate...I'm completely dependent on my smartphone.

Without the beeps and buzzes of my phone, I'd never be anywhere on time or remember any of my meetings or family activities. I'd be at a loss without anyone's phone number or email address. I'd lose track of my "to do's" and never remember my shopping lists.

Thanks to my Samsung Gear Fit from ATT, I can free myself a bit from my smartphone. The Samsung Gear Fit totally suits my busy mommy lifestyle and has made this school counselor's back-to-school days effortless.

The Samsung Gear Fit is the first fitness band with notification capabilities to handle any task with ease. Using Bluetooth technology to connect to my phone, it accepts phone calls and dismisses alarms. I can even view emails, text messages, and other app notifications with a simple tap. My Samsung Gear Fit allows me to be discreet while checking emails, text messages, and calendar reminders.

I'm behind on my messages! I'm enjoying the weekend too much!
It's been a whirlwind first few days of the new school year for me at work. This week I had accidentally double booked two parents conferences at the same time. Thank goodness for Samsung Gear Fit buzzed and a notification showed on the screen while I was meeting with parent #1. Without my Samsung Gear Fit, I would've looked at my calendar too late and would've had a very upset parent waiting for me.

Reminder for one of many meetings I have during the week.
Made it just in time for #DancingDJGarcia's class!
I also love the fact that the Samsung Gear Fit uses S Health™ to track your steps. It's my very own digital pedometer that syncs with the S Health™ app on my phone. I'm a few steps closer to the 10,000 steps goal every day!

Customized wallpaper and total steps for the day - almost at 10,000 steps!
I've also been experimenting with the monitor feature to track my heart rate, especially during stressful times of the day. It's helped me check myself to relax, use biofeedback, and not stress out so much. The Samsung Gear Fit has the first-ever built-in heart monitor that easily responds to my touch.

Here's a video of the heart rate monitor in action. Don't be alarmed by the high heart rate. We're having a heat wave in San Diego and I just shooed my noisy kids out of the room so I could shoot this video!

The Samsung Gear Fit is priced at $199, and is available at ATT stores and online at

The Samsung Gear Fit has become a back-to-school necessity to keep up with important work notifications, health goals and schedules. The customizable alerts provide me with need-to-know information about work and kids. Parents and educators, and even educators who are parents, the Samsung Gear Fit is for you!

Other Product Features
  • The Samsung Gear Fit has the world’s first curved 1.83" Super AMOLED® display, a hybrid display technology.
  • Customizable bands are available online at to fit your mood, wardrobe or to replace a broken band.
  • Battery lasts on average 3 to 4 days.
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • *Water-resistant and dustproof based on IP67 Rating, which tests submersion up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Not shockproof. Covers must be tightly closed.
I'd love for YOU to be ready for Back To School with a Samsung Gear Fit! Thanks to ATT San Diego. enter below to win one for yourself!

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Best wishes for a smooth back to school season!!