#TechnologyTuesday: KidFit Activity Tracker For Kids

My eldest son has been obsessed with electronics since he was just a few months old. He loves watching "infomercials" on Google and Apple products on YouTube.

Holding an iPhone during our Alaskan cruise where he was known by the guests as the "iPhone baby"
At 5 years old,. he loved reading PCWorld Magazine
He even creates his own designs for mobile devices. Check out #GarciaYAYtechnology on Instagram to find some of his designs.

So, when my eldest scored a Target gift card from one of his aunts a few days ago, he started itching to go to the store.

Once at Target, he went straight to the electronics section and went up and down the aisles. He stopped to check out the iPhone display, headphones, a stylus for his iPad, and even a "Google for Dummies" book.

Then he found the X-Doria KidFit Activity/Sleep Tracker for Kids. He's been loving on his dad's LG Electronics G Watch, so this was as close as he was going to get to a smart watch for a 7 year old.

Here is his review of the X-Doria KidFit Activity/Sleep Tracker for Kids:

My loves the light that glows on the display when he is active and moving around. He also loves the real time statistics on the smartphone app. He even asked to go for a walk every morning so he can "improve his statistics". Now my younger son wants one too!

You can purchase the X-Doria KidFit Activity/Sleep Tracker for Kids on Amazon.com or your local Target.