Shoes That Are Good 4EurSole

Being a mommy on-the-go, I'm always looking for cute shoes that won't leave my feet sore and tired at the end of the day. Often times when I'm out and about with the kids, I'll wear my running shoes or my flip flops for just for comfort, but they don't really do the deed. My feet still hurt and leave my body sore after a day of activity.

More and more I've seen a my friends and co-coworkers wearing these clog-looking shoes. I figured they must be comfy since more and more of them were wearing the shoes. So I thought I'd give them a try!

Here are my cute magenta embellished leather clogs!
I've found Rocky 4EurSole which is designed for women who are dynamic, performance-driven and always on the go - just like me! Women like me, with daily commitments to family, students, parent, and friends, will appreciate the comfort and performance of these shoes. I sure do!

I gave these cute shoes a test run while I took my kids to the local Nickel City. Since my kids are young, I don't really trust them to roam around on their own quite yet, so I was ready to chase after them with my 4EurSole shoes. 

They darted around Nickel City for two hours!

Video games...
 Face painting...
 Skee Ball...
 Air Hockey...

 And I even ran into a few Storm Troopers doing a bit of mini-bowling!

These shoes surely proved that it is comfort footwear for moms like me who spend long hours on their feet. I'm happy I was able to keep up with my two little boys thanks to my Rocky 4EurSole shoes! My feet weren't sore and I didn't have to find a seat to rest my feet for a bit like a usually do when running around with my kids. As a comfort footwear brand, Rocky 4EurSole strives to keep women on their feet with comfort, versatility, and durability in every step taken.

The innovative 3-part system allows the wearer to interchange two EVA memory foam foot beds to create either a closed back, strap back, or open back style. I like wearing mine open back. It gives the shoes a more casual look.

I'd love for your to give Rocky 4EurSole shoes a try! You can save 15% off with my blogger code GARCIA15 (reusable, expires 12/31/15).

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Busy ladies, give your feet a treat and try these shoes that are good 4EurSole!

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of Rocky 4EurSole shoes in exchange for this blog post and other social media shares. All opinions are mine.