10 Tips for an Awesome Legoland Resort Visit

For over a year, my little guy has been asking for a trip to Legoland for his birthday. Thank goodness Legoland is just a short drive from our home. His birthday staycation for the weekend was a great birthday treat for him but also a nice getaway for the rest of our family.

He knew exactly what he wanted:
DJ learned all of this from watching Legoland vacation videos on YouTube.

My little guy got all this and more for his 5th birthday this past weekend at the Legoland Resort!

A trip to the Legoland theme park and hotel resort was not cheap. It took some planning to stretch our dollar and maximize our two day visit.

Here are 10 tips that helped our family save some money and spend our time wisely while at Legoland!

1) Buy your theme park tickets ahead of time. If you have any family members or friends who are in the military, ask them to purchase your tickets for you. You'll save about 48% on two day park hopper tickets which include Legoland, the waterpark, and Sealife Aqaurium. There are discounts through AAA and Costco also.

2) If staying at the Legoland Hotel, discounts can be found online. I used the Legoland Corporate website to book our stay at the Legoland Hotel which saved us 15%. Upon check-in, I was not asked for a corporate ID or anything. Neither does the website say you need to have one. 15% was a great savings!

3) Staying at the Legoland Hotel can be pricey so make sure to take advantage of all the perks of being a hotel guest. Breakfast at the Bricks Buffet is included in your stay at the hotel. Make sure to get to the buffet before 8AM to avoid long lines.

4) Another perk of being a Legoland Hotel guest is the kid friendly nightly entertainment. During our stay, there was a Lego building contest, as well as games and trivia for kids to participate lead by the resident Lego Pirates. You could also lounge at the pool and enjoy a movie. My favorite was the dance party with a jester DJ and full-on light show in one of the meeting rooms. There is so much to do in the hotel after the theme park closes!

5) Hotel guests are allowed into the theme park an hour before the public. It's best to get in line for the Sky Cruiser ride since it's one of the most popular rides with the longest lines during peak hours.

6) Outside food and drinks are allowed into the theme park so pack your drinks and snacks to save money. Bring ziplock bags to pack a few snacks from the breakfast buffet to bring into the park with you. Although big coolers are not allowed, there are lockers in the front of the theme park to store your food.

7) There are lots of attractions in Legoland, not to mention the actual water park, which involve getting wet so bring extra clothes and towels so you can splish and splash the day away!

8) SeaLife Aqaurium is a wonderful treat for the eyes. The displays are awesome! It's nice to visit the aqaurium in the afternoon after an early start on the rides and attractions in Legoland. The aquarium is a nice break from the sun as well.

9) The foodie in me would be amiss to not encourage you to try the Apple Fries located in Castle Hill in the theme park. The warm, crispy, cinammon-battered apple goodness dipped in sweet whipped cream is heavenly!

10) Be sure to check out the Lego Movie Experience adjacent to the new Heartlake City. The movie set and actual scenes used in the movie are super cool to check out. It's like stepping into the movie itself. It'll make you want to sing "Everything is Awesome"!

My little guy loved his birthday weekend at Legoland! He's such a sweet and loving little boy who totally deserved to be spoiled this weekend! Happy birthday DJ!!

Enjoy our highlights video of our staycation at Legoland California!