FAFSA Challenge

I love my counseling team for always jumping onto the fun projects I propose to them!

Here we are as crayons for Halloween!
A few months ago, a few of our counseling colleagues were sharing a video set by the First Lady Michelle Obama:

Our counseling team did our usual FAFSA Frenzy outreach during the months of January through March but this time took lots of pictures and videos to document the process. Sweetwater High has a senior class of over 550 students. Getting each and every one of them to complete the FAFSA is a huge task!

We also have a significant population of undocumented students, so we also support those students in completing the Dream Act (FAFSA equivalent) application.

We reached over 74% of our senior class this year for our FAFSA Frenzy drive which lead us up to the top of all high schools in the Sweetwater Union High School District.

I, experimenting with iMovie, came up with this to answer the First Lady's Challenge:

We entered the contest and patiently waited for the word if Michelle Obama would be visiting our graduation ceremony. Then this video was released:

We didn't win but Sweetwater High did get a second on the the video above! Look closely at 0.38! I squealed in delight when I saw my photo bomb in the video!

We even received this awesome letter from First Lady Michelle Obama herself!

Have a told you I love being a school counselor?!