Mommies Always Worry

Being out in public with two little kids can be worrisome at times. My kids are easily distracted and have often separated from me at a theme park or at the mall to get a closer look at something that has caught their attention. I've taught my kids to start calling for me as soon as they realize they've lost me and to quickly find an adult who can help. 

My boys wandering off at Disneyland

A helpful took is a new digital children's picture book that has just been released by LadyBee Publishing entitled "Momma Don't You Worry."

It's about a boy who's almost 6 years old who believes he's too old to have his mom hold his hand when they're out in public. The story has cool rhymes and has a good message for children who get lost in public places.  

Muy kids love their digital books! Having read the story along with the pictures, coupled with conversation after the story, my boys are more apt to remember what to do when they get lost!