The Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender Live On!

Even though the ever popular and loved Legend of Korra saw its series finale back in December. Creative artists and fans have come together to showcase their finest work. March 7, 2015 saw the grand opening of the Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition. Fan artwork as well as projects from the creators of the show were displayed at the Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, California. Doors opened at 6:00 pm. The drawing power of the Avatar Universe fan base was not to be underestimated. More than 500 fans attended the event.

Attendees enjoying the show at Nucleus Gallery!
Some fans had spent the night to get in line for the chance to meet and greet with creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante Dimartino. The first 100 people to purchase any new exclusive releases received a ticket to get their items signed. Some of the exclusive items included artwork showcasing popular characters Korra and Asami. Proceeds from this exclusive went to an LGBTQ suicide prevention hotline.

Hanging out with voice actors Corey Baker and her dad, Bradley Dee Baker with a Korra cosplayer!

Of course cosplay was encouraged. Many came out to the event as their favorite Avatar and Korra characters. The attention to details on these costumes is phenomenal. A group photo of all those in costumes took place. Cosplayers had free admission to the gallery. Regular admission is $5.

Cosplayers doing what they love most!

As a veteran attendee of pop cultural events such as San Diego Comic-Con, WonderCon, and HelloKitty events, trying to gauge the time to get to the event was quite the puzzle. I knew that drones of fans would be attending the event. I was not sure how the procedure of how attending the gallery would take place. Would there be a time limit in the gallery? Would those at the end of the line get a chance to get in the gallery, with the event scheduled to close at 10pm? What exclusives would be available? How long would the creators and special guests be at the gallery?

Suffice to say, I got to the long line at around 4:30. Having stood in line for nearly four hours (which was expected), my crew and I got the opportunity to meet other fans, and participate in photo opportunities with cosplayers. Though some would argue being in line is wasted time, I looked at it as an opportunity to bond with fellow fans (I also had my iPhone fully charged to entertain me as well).

At around 8:30 pm, we got in the gallery. It was packed, very reminiscent of Comic-con. I was excited to see the diverse forms of art from fans and the creators. However, with so many people in attendance, the art viewing experience was quite crowded. I think that going to this event when there is less people would be the ideal situation, so I may have to return to the gallery before the exhibition ends its two week stay.

There were many highlights here at the Nucleus Gallery. Complimentary drinks were made available to the attendees. Collectibles from Dark Horse Comics and t-shirts were also displayed. Prints could be purchased as well. As expected, the limited exclusive art featuring Korra and Asami (aka Korrasami) sold out quickly. What I enjoyed most was the opportunity to have my photo taken with the talented actress, Seychelle Gabriel. She voiced Asami from the series and she could not have been more pleasant. She treated her fans well, signing autographs and taking pictures. In addition, I met other voice actors Corey Baker and Dee Bradley Baker from the show. They too were a delight to interact with.
The delightful Seychelle Gabriel!
I enjoyed my time attending the grand opening of the Legend of Korra and Avatar the Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition. If you're a fan of the Avatar Universe series or art in general, I highly recommend visiting the Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra.

This tribute exhibition will remain at the Nucleus Gallery for two weeks. For more information, visit

Will you be attending the Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition?

Guest Post by A. Michael Cruz. He is an avid popular culture and tech enthusiast, runner, educator, curriculum author, and seat tweeter. Follow him on Twitter at @mikeycruz