The Perfect Gift for Your Active, Techie Kids!

My six year old Jelo has been a technology geek since he was born! He always gravitated towards the pretend laptop or cellphone as toys when he was very little. As he grew older, he'd rather play with an iPhone or iPad than Legos or action figures. 

A few weeks ago, Dad bought himself a Samsung Smartwatch and Jelo couldn't keep his hands off of it. 

He'd ask his daddy a million questions about what it cold do, what is was compatible with and so on! Jelo asked if he himself could get a Samsung smartwatch and of course the answer was "no way!"

Then comes along the LeapFrog LeapBand which looks like a kids version of the Samsung Smartwatch
Everytime we've seen this toy in the store, Jelo begs to have it. We've encouraged him to write to Santa and maybe he'd get it for Christmas if he's been good. To my surprise, after a day at grandma's house, Jelo got his LeapFrog LeapBand. I couldn't be mad. He's been such a good boy, especially when little brother was in the hospital a few weeks ago. Jelo really deserved his early Christmas gift from grandma!

Here he this morning explaining what the LeapFrog LeapBand does:

The LeapFrog Activity Band is a children's activity band that encourages physical activity through fun challenges. Kids run, jump and play to earn rewards and power a customizable pet pal that lives on the band. You can reload LeapBand with 50 active challenges that get kids moving, like "Pounce like a lion!" The parent controls on LeapFrog Connect make it easy to set play times, challenges and more. I love how the LeapBand encourages active play, nurturing and healthy choices!

For only $24.99 on Amazon, it's such a great deal for all the awesome things the LeapBand does! It's the perfect gift for your active, techie kids like mine!