Technology Tuesday - Operation Math

My first grader's math homework scares me. The presentation of addition math problems is not what I remember. Here is a sample of the math problems we are doing for homework:

image from
What happened to pictures of the 2 apples and the 3 apples to make 5 apples? With "common core" instruction and assessments, students are expected to display higher level thinking. The math problems above definitely make my 6 year old think about math differently than I did when I was his age. 

Being the techie family we are, I had to find an app for the iPad that would help my sons with his math. We found Operation Math which my boys love! It plays like secret-agent breaking a code with math problems coming on the screen!

With 105 exciting missions, Operation Math combines basic math drills with a fun introduction to global geography. The more they play, the more they’ll master division and other math skills in an exciting spy game that offers a great addition to homework and flash cards.

To my surprise, here is my 4 year old I caught on video on his big brother's iPad using Operation Math! He was doing pretty good until big brother started giving him the answers. He didn't like that!

This app is a must download for math practice! Operation Math math is available for iPad and Android.

What are your favorite learning apps?