Thanksgiving Apps to Help You Stress Less

Thanksgiving can be a very stressful time. For me, whenever I'm stressed out I latch onto my phone and figure out what apps will help make me stress less!

Thanks to AT&T San Diego for sharing these awesome apps, you'll be cooking and entertaining like a pro!

Pins galore with ideas for your Thanksgiving tabletop d├ęcor and dinner planning on Pinterest. Thanksgiving calls for gatherings of family and friends, turkey stuffing, pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce delights. Pull it all together for your Thanksgiving dinner party by discovering projects to set the scene for feasting and a mood of gratitude. Roll up your sleeves, get crafty and DIY. I've definitely had my share of Pinterest inspired Thanksgiving crafts!

With turkey baking in the oven, sauce simmering on the stove stop, and dessert setting in the fridge, all the kitchen action will have you reaching for the Ultimate Timer Pro, which allows you to create unlimited and simultaneous timers. With the vibrating alarm alert feature, your eight hours spent roasting a turkey won’t result in an overcooked disaster hazard. Even after a phone reboot, you can still keep track of the main course, all the sides and the dessert. $0.99 to download. Here are some Thanksgiving yumminess I've cooked up with the help of Ultimate Timer Pro!

With my son being in the hospital recently, we've been watchful of his diet. We've been thinking of going gluten free to see it would help with my son's gastrointestinal issues, as well as my other son's eczema. An app like Gluten Free Thanksgiving Baking will be a great help this Thanksgiving! Nothing is worse than planning an epic feast only to have guests unveil dietary restrictions. Thanks to the Gluten Free Thanksgiving Baking app, it will be a feast for all. You can prepare grain-free with the collection of holiday-related recipes brought to you by “The Gluten-Free Girl." Gluten-free cooking isn’t difficult when you have on hand recipes with video illustrations of gluten-free pie crust, cornbread stuffing and apple walnut cake. $5.99 to download.

My ultimate cooking inspiration are all the programs on the Food Network! Having Food Network in the Kitchen give me access to thousands of chefs and popular Thanksgiving recipes at the Food Network In the Kitchen app is a life saver in the kitchen. With a special Thanksgiving section, you’ll have recipes with accompanying videos for favorite dishes at your fingertips. Search through recipes with full reviews and easy shopping lists. Free to download.

This one's for the sports fans who sit back and relax while the cooks prepare all the yummy goodness to be consumed! NFL Mobile: Lions and Bears, oh my! Teams will duel it out on the football field this Thanksgiving, with games playing all day long. At 1:30 pm, catch the Eagles v. Cowboys and later the Seahawks v. 49ers. Miss that play or playback? The NFL Mobile app tracks real-time stats, breaking news, custom team news and diagrams showing current plays. The app also features limited live video and audio of selected games so you can follow your fantasy football team on turkey day. Free to download.

I hope these apps make your Thanksgiving planning stress-free! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I hope the new year gives you all more blessings to be thankful for!