Beautiful Pink Ombré Baby Shower Cake

This past weekend I was honored to be invited to a girlfriend's baby shower. I've known my friend Chrstine since the first grade! Growing up we giggled over boys, cried over broken hearts, and were typical teens hanging out together at the mall. We even carpooled during middle school asking her grandpa to park a block away from the school to save us from embarrassment. Oh pre-teen days! 

We have so many memories and continue to make more.  It's so fun to see our own kids who are elementary school age now! Life definitely does come full-circle! She has two little boys and is now expecting baby girl Casey, yay!

At the baby shower, I was wowed by this beautiful pink ombré baby shower cake and dainty desserts made by I shared a while back a Peanuts themed cake made by the same lady. She does such a great job! 

Enjoy the eye candy and give her a call for your cake and desserts!