DJ Mel, the President's DJ

Today I'm bragging! I'm bragging about my cousin Mel who I like to call the "First DJ of the United States of America". "Kuya" (big bro) Mel and I are first cousins, his mom and my dad are brother and sister (two of 12 siblings). We share over 30 first cousins! 

Here he is with the POTUS and FLOTUS themselves at the last Inauguration Ball at the White House where he was the official DJ of the evening. Check out President Obama's Inaugural Ball address giving DJ Mel props (first full paragraph)! You can also check out the video below!

It all started with a gig at Barack Obama's Election Night Party

He's even gotten a shout out on CNN!

He's been the DJ a few white house events, the latest being the annual White House Easter Egg Roll

I love listening to his music on Soundcloud. Here's his set from his recent stint at the Do-Over in Los Angeles. It's great workout music! 

Last week I shared the story of my cousin Tara who pursued her career in Culinary Arts. Both Tara and Mel are following non-traditional career paths, especially when it comes to the expectations of our Filipino immigrant parents. Growing up there are pressures to pursue careers in the medical field, education, government, or law -even if passions and talents do not reside there. Yet, both Tara and Mel followed their passions and talents and now are both successful in what they do!

 You can follow DJ Mel on Instagram,  Facebook, or Twitter.