Appropriate or Not? My Thoughts on Booty Shorts and See Through Clothes

Recently, I've been in a rant on social media about appropriate dressing in public. I understand it's summer and it's hot, but that does not give girls the freedom to expose their bodies for all to see. Shorts are so short, you can see butt cleavage, along with see-through clothes with only bras underneath.

Here are a few pictures I was fast enough to catch. But believe me, and I'm sure you can agree, there is much more skin showing outfits out there!

If I'm at the beach or a water park, I'll expect to see more skin. But there are parts of bodies exposed that should not be seen at Disneyland, restaurants, and even church. Yes, church. I've been tempted a few times to go up to these young ladies dressed inappropriately and advise them on their attire.

So, why does it bug me to much? When seeing these people with their bodies exposed, I'd mumble to myself, "I sooooooo did not need to see that!", then I'm left feeling a bit irritated. It's not like I was purposefully looking at them, but because of how they are dressed, it catches my attention and I'd do a double take. Thus, forcing me to see something I'd rather not see. 

At Mass a few weeks ago, Father Anthony hit it on the head! He put words to my feelings towards these girls who are inappropriately dressed, especially at church. Here at about 8:15 Father Anthony talks about modesty and appropriate dress saying, "Dress in a way that will not cause your brothers and sisters to sin with interest eyes..." He also talks about how the "male mind" works. At this point in mass, I gave my husband a "I told you so" look since he's been on the receiving end of my rants the last few weeks. He agreed with Father Anthony's message.

Seeing these girls inappropriately dressed, we make judgments, have thoughts, or opinions. I'd rather not have those thoughts and opinions. I'd rather not have my kids or my husband have to see those girls, especially at church. But if these girls don't care that other people think, to each his own! But I might have to give a few girls a "gentle reminder" of appropriate dress next time it happens at church =)