The Massage that Comes to Your Office

I'm so happy I'm now on summer vacation from work! When the students are on summer break, so am I! Yay! It's a time to reset, de-stress, and enjoy time with my family and friends!

On this Throwback Thursday, I think back to the last few weeks of the school year. It's always super busy and stressful. Clearing seniors for graduation, finalizing student class schedules for next school year, and making sure students are signed up for summer school takes up most of my time as a school counselor. The end of the school year is also when there are more students (and parents) having personal emotional issues where they are needing someone to talk to to get them through life's pressures. 

One of my counselor colleagues, Nestor, at the local adult school, whom I've worked with at Sweetwater High in the past, knows all too well the stresses of the end of the school year. Knowing this, he was kind enough to have his friend Akoni visit with our counseling team during one our weekly meetings to give us massages! It was a wonderful surprise!

During our meeting, we took turns at the white board taking notes, took turns at the laptop and projector looking up information, and we also took turns at the massage chair to alleviate some of our muscle tension and stress. We giggled a bit here and there as we watched each other get the massage - you know what "Oh" face people make when something feels was giggle worthy!

Akoni was awesome! The massage was just a few minutes but dealt with all the right places in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. Perfect! He also showed me a couple of pressure points to help with my migraines, sinuses, and blood pressure.  

Thanks Nestor and Akoni for alleviating some of the end-of-the-school-year stresses!

Counselors and I trying to concentrate on our meeting discussions while getting our massages!