Father's Day Fun at The Discovery Cube

During our trips to Disneyland, we've passed by the Discovery Cube on the Interstate 5 dozens of times. We've always made a point to visit "one day", but when we saw that there was going to be a Mythbusters interactive exhibit coming through, we had to schedule a visit. Hubby was so excited he actually asked for the visit for his "fathers day gift"!

There was so much to do inside the cube! My favorite was the bed of nails that I actually laid down on. My boys where amazed!

The boys liked the Eco-Challenge area which had an interactive screen on a shopping cart, a scanner, and an awesome pretend store that taught kids how to shop eco-friendly. There was also a recycle center! So very cool!

Of course hubby's favorite part was the Mythbusters Exhibit! The kids loved the "Toast - Butter Side Up or Down" exhibit with several different contraptions to test whether toast has a tendency to fall butter side up or down. Hubby couldn't resist the "Flatulence" exhibit.  We were also able to get wet, dodge a flying projectile, fly an airplane, build a house that was "bad wolf" proof, ride a swing held by phone books, drive blind, and more! 

We did so much at the Discovery Cube! Here is some of the highlights:

Happy Fathers Day to by awesome hubby who enjoys spending every fathers day having fun with his boys!