Boys Mickey Mouse Room Makeover

One of my goals this summer break was to re-decorate the boys room. They've been bugging for awhile now that they did not want their "crayon room" anymore.

Back in 2011, I had re-decorated the "nursery" and make it into a "big boys" room. Ok, so not really a "big" boys room but no longer the "baby" room. I wanted to have the boys feel like they had "their" room to encourage them to sleep in their own room. We took out the crib and toddler bed and headed to Ikea to pick up "big boy" beds. After asking Jelo several times what kind of theme he wanted for the room,(space, Toy Story, animals, etc), he finally said a "crayon room mommy". So, here's how the 2011 re-decor turned out:
The boys in their "big boy" room
trimmed their lamp with crayons
Bought this floral frame at Michael's and glued crayons to it
I added crayons to a wooden frame and used my Cricket to create lettering

This was a Pinterest inspiration
Now my boys have grown out of the crayon phase. I'm learning now that their bedroom decor preferences will probably change a few more times as they grow up. I'm sure they'll come a time when they'll not be able to come to a consensus and they'll have to have their own rooms. 

So this time around, they both agreed to a "Mickey Mouse" themed room. We love Disneyland and my boys have become really big fans of Mickey Mouse. I didn't do drastic changes. I just changed a few things to make their room Mickey friendly!

I look the "G" and covered it with a Mickey Mouse pattern I found online. I also created a "Keep Calm" sign inspired by Pinterest. I created a template you can access here.  
Using my Mickey and Friends Cricket cartridge, I created lettering and the logos to Modge Podge onto framed canvas I bought at Walmart.  
I bought a few yards of Mickey Mouse fabric to make new pillow covers
Mickey Mouse ribbon to trim the existing lamp
Mickey Mouse seen here is my stuffed animal from the 80's.
My boys seem happy with their small room redecoration! I wonder how long this phase will last?