Technology Tuesday: Teach Me

People often ask me how I taught my kids how to read. Both my boys, since about the age of two, have been able to read. Books are very visible in our home and since my boys were in my belly, I've read to them. They've always loved being read to and now enjoy reading themselves.

I have to admit that the iPhone and the iPad has been a great learning tool for my boys. I totally give credit to some of the awesome apps we use for my boys having been able to learn to read.

TeachMe: Toddler through Third Grade iPhone and iPad apps have grown with my kids. They started the app as toddlers, playing simple games to learn their letters, phonics, shapes, and colors. My kindergartner is now learning addition, subtraction, as well as spelling on the Teach Me app.

The app encourages kids to get the answers correct to win a virtual “sticker” to place on their virtual sticker book. It is amazing to watch my sons play use this. They pick up the concepts very quickly! I've used the "stickers" as incentives at home. If my kids want to play outside or want a new toy, they have to earn a certain number of stickers to earn the privilege. i surprised myself on how well it works!

I'd have to say, one of the great factors in my boys' love of reading is that it's something we've always done together. In the busyness of each day, story time each night is a constant and I cherish that time with my boys. Thanks to apps like Teach Me, my boys have grown their love of reading and learning!