God's Good Work for This School Counselor

Over the past few weeks, I've been very frustrated at work.

I've feel like I've been giving 200% each day and every day without feeling like I've caught up with the work I have to do. Multi-tasking has become the norm, minute to minute. Check email, phone rings with a parent concerned about grades and/or defiant behavior at home and/or drugs, go back to email, then a knock at my door "Ms. Luansing, are you busy?" answer questions about every which thing you can image (community service, where to turn in the form they hold in their hand, they hate their teacher, they can't pass their AP class and want to transfer out), then back to email, then input classes for next year schedules, crying student comes in because of some cyber bullying, phone rings again from a college rep who wants to meet with potential students, then I find students stealing in our supply room then walk them over to the Assistant Principal office in hopes they'll be disciplined appropriately, work on guidance lesson plans on college and career readiness that uses common core standards along with American of School Counselor Association Standards...phone, email, papers, students...rinse and repeat, all day, every day.

My patience is running thin with students who are a few weeks away from graduating and can't follow simple directions I've given them to make sure their college apps are complete, financial aid forms are done, or even attend the last minute credit recovery classes they need to finish to make sure they graduate.

Even more, its hard to work in a school environment that does not communicate well, doesn't believe in planning calendars, dress codes, or behavior expectations. It's hard not to feel stressed out when our school always functions in a sense of urgency. Our school district has been in the news as well with teachers ready to strike and board members being charged with crimes and having to step down from their elected positions. Our counselor union is also has the potential of going on strike.

Yet, in a school of over 2500 students and dozens of staff members, I work with a cohesive, supportive counseling center team that makes the rest of the school district's dysfunction bearable. With our "teamwork" atmosphere and our intent of taking the time out of each day to laugh and have lunch together, makes each work day go by more pleasant. But, it's still been hard to get up each day to feel motivated to come to work.

Then, today at our faculty meeting I was reminded why I do the work I do. Each month, a staff member is recognized for their work for the school. At our faculty meeting today, our principal began to talk about the school-wide career day I had helped organize a few weeks ago. He shared that Sweetwater High's Career Day was better than any other in the entire school district. Then he called my name with the recognition of my hard work and dedication in bringing the awesome event to our school community. The staff cheered and clapped as I was handed the glass red apple that's passed to each staff member each month. Along with the award comes with a staff parking spot right in front of the school, just a few steps from my office!

The award could not have come at a better time. God knew I needed a pick me up. He needed to remind me of the good work I do each day, every day. Yes it gets stressful and the days are filled with work, work, work, but it's all worth it for the work I do is the good work many people cannot do.

I received this message from a colleague a few hours before receiving my award. God definitely works in amazing ways!