Throwback Thursday: Having 12 Children, the Luansing Bunch

Earlier this week, my son Jelo asked, "What did Mama Nene do as a job?". 

Mama Nene is Jelo's only living great-grandma, my paternal grandmother who is 93 years old. Both my kids and I call her Mama Nene. 

I proceeded to answer Jelo's question by saying that Mama Nene's job for a long time was raising her 12 kids. She didn't have time for work other than caring for her kids. 

Jelo then said, "What?! 12 kids! I want you to have 12 kids too mommy!". To that I answered, "No, thank you!" and he ran off to play with his little brother. 

Right in the middle of the top row, 4th from the left is my Mama Nene. To her right is my Papa Pering who's birthname is Julian and is the name sake of my Jelo whose real name is Julian. And all around them are the 12 children, 6 boys and 6 girls. This photo was taken in the mid-1960's. 

Growing up, I've heard many stories of what it was like living in a home with 12 children. My dad tells his stories of the mischief he and his brothers would get into as kids. My older aunts would tell stories of caring for their younger siblings, many baths and meals they helped to prepare. Mama Nene tells stories of her life as a successful seamstress before she had her 12 kids. 

On this Throwback Thursday, I honor the work it takes to raise a family of 12 children. It makes my role as a mom of two seem easy in comparison!