Fun with Popin' Cookin' and Happy Kitchen

I have never heard of Popin' Cookin' or Happy Kitchen until I learned that my three-year old Goddaughter was obsessed with the mini at-home cooking kits. She learned about them on YouTube!

She gave my boys a few kits for Christmas and we've been looking forward to trying them out!

When the boxes arrived, it made me a bit nervous. The boxes and the directions were all in Japanese!
It's take us a few weeks to brave the project. Thanks to Emmy Made in Japan's YouTube channel, we were able to do these super easy kits!

First, we tried the sushi kit.

Here is Emmy's tutorial:

We like watching the "fish eggs" in the making! These "eggs" remind me of the poppers you can get with your frozen yogurt! Yum!

Here's how our sushi turned out!

All the pieces of sushi tasted like different flavors and textures of gummy candy. Here is DJ's taste test. Looks like it's "thumbs up"!

Next we tried the hamburger set.

Without Emmy's tutorial, we'd be lost!

My boys were so good at trying to help me follow the directions! We definitely paused and repeated parts of the video several times to make sure we got it right! This one was a bit harder to do, but fun nonetheless.

 Our mini hamburger meal came our super cute!

The fresh fries actually tasted like fries, the hamburger smelled like a hamburger (not so much the taste), and the cola fizzled just like soda!  Jelo's gives his "A" on taste!

DJ's taste test review is not as positive as his brothers....haha!

Thanks to longtime friend Larizza and goddaughter Gisselle for sharing these fun cooking kits with us!