On The Seventh Day of Christmas, Yummy from Paris Baguette!

I love the holidays at work! Not only do we have secret santas, we also have "15 days of Christmas". For the 15 work days before we leave for Winter Break, we each take a day to bring breakfast or lunch for our co-workers. So far, we've had a waffle bar, croissant sandwiches, pizza and cupcakes, and a bagel bar. Yummy every day! We often joke we gain 15 pounds during the "15 days of Christmas". Its great to break bread with people I consider my second family!

Today was my day to bring some yummies to fill everyone's tummies! I decided to bring some savory and sweet pastries from Paris Baguette. Chocolate croissants, sausage filled, pumpkin filled, red bean, cheese and chives, and lots more!

Here is my display in our little office kitchen:

I'll try and take pictures of all our food and do a post at the end of our 15 days! How do you celebrate the holidays at work?