On the 17th Day of Christmas, Annual Christmas Luncheon at Work

One of the highlights of the Christmas Season is our annual luncheon in the counseling center at my work.

Our secretaries create a wonderful tablescape, unique each year. They transform our student work area into a space ready to celebrate! They also make catering arrangements with Souplantation which we all look forward to!

This year I was surprised to find hand made wreaths with cute decor for each of us! Even the little snowmen, all the way down to the tiny knitted hat, was handmade by our secretaries! They are so creative!

We use www.elfster.com to help with our secret santa gift exchange. Starting December 1st, we surprise each other with small gifts with the "big gift" reveal during our luncheon. I got exactly what I wanted, Costco size bix of Keurig k-cups! Best day ever!!!!

Today, I'm reminded of the blessing of working with the most awesome counselors and support staff. These people are my family away from home!