On the 16th Day of Christmas, A Mad Dash to Get My Christmas Cards Done

These days of Christmas are just flying by and I realized I'm running out of time to get my Christmas cards done.

7PM I ordered some photo prints from Walgreens and used the 5DOLLAR50 code to get 50 prints for only $5! Awesome deal! In a hour they were done and hubby went to pick them up.

While I was waiting for him to come home, I wrote up a quick family newsletter to insert into our cards. I had to trim the paper inserts a bit so they fit into the cards.

I had bought a few boxes of cards last year in my annual after-Christmas visit to Target so they were ready to go!

So, as soon as hubby came home, I started to stuff envelopes. The pictures didn't fit quite right into the window in the cards so I had to trim those as well. Pictures into the little window, sign the inside the card "Love, the Garcia's", insert the newsletter, seal, label, and stamp!

Thank goodness for my mailing labels I save year after year. I make a few adjustments of family and friends who have moved. For the most part, the list pretty much stays the same.

Its 10:54PM and I'm finally done. Hubby just needs to drop them all in the mailbox tomorrow.

That all took a lot longer than I had planned....Phew....
The chaos of my Christmas card task!

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