On the 11th Day of Christmas, Brunch at Sea and Smoke in Del Mar

I love how the spirit of the holidays brings me closer to friends and family. Last Sunday, my cousins and I had brunch at Sea and Smoke in Del Mar for cousin Carol's birthday.

We were seated in a cute corner of the restaurant, in a long table for 15, 5 of which were squirmy little boys ages 5 and under! The location of our table was kind of separated from the rest of the restaurant which helped mask the noise of the kids and the cackling laughter of my girl cousins!

I had the pork belly benedict which was totally yummy! Two big, fat pieces of roasted pork belly topped with poached egg and hollandaise sauce, on top of jalapeno corn bed, all inside a cast-iron skillet.

We sampled the cocktails and the cheese platter also. All of which was very good!

The best part of the day was spending time with only a fraction of my 30+ first cousins from all over the world. I can remember back to when my cousins were the ages of my two little boys. We'd play video games, play pretend, walk to the local "Thrifty's" for some thirty cent ice cream! Those were great times!

Now that we are all older, we try and take the time out a few times each year together and enjoy each other's company. 

Cheers to cousin Carol for being another year older, wiser, blessed, and more beautiful than ever!

Do you have celebrations with extended family?