Family Fun in Boston: Day Six

Garcia Family just got back from a week long vacation in Boston! We did so much while we were there! So much so we "need a vacation from our vacation"!

I love sharing our family vacations with all of you in hopes you too will visit the fun places we've been too!

Since we did so much in Boston, I'll be posting each day of our vacation separately so check back each day for my latest post on our vacation fun!

Day One: Harvard, Tufts, and Feneuil Marketplace
Day Two: Freedom Trail
Day Three: Gloucester and Salem
Day Four: Boston Tea Party
Day Five: Plymouth Plantation

Being a high school counselor, I wanted to fit a few more college visits during our time in Boston. Every year, I have a few students interested in schools on the East Coast so visiting some of the schools would help me better advise my students.

Our first stop, on the north side of the Charles River, was Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The student led tour took us to an awesome view of the famous MIT Dome, through the longest straight line corridor in the world, to name a few. We also learned about a fun MIT student pastime called “hacks”. 

The computer labs with computer bits and pieces being put together, displays of mini-robots, as well as the huge chalkboards with mathematical equations in the common areas for students caught my boys’ attention!

Our second stop for the day, on the opposite side of the Charles River, was Boston University. This campus is HUGE and covers several blocks of the Fenway-Kenmore community of Boston. Pushing our two kids on strollers as the BU students were trying to quickly get to class was interesting. I definitely felt like we were in everyone’s way. We didn’t have an official tour here so we just wandered around on our own. Jelo, our oldest, has a fascination with Martin Luther King. So when he saw a special marker on the BU campus honoring Dr. King, he was super excited to know he visited a school where Dr. King had attended! 

Our visit to Boston allowed me the chance to visit Harvard University, University of Massachusetts, Tufts University, Boston University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Each campus community was different - the vibe and culture for each was very distinct. I can’t wait to tell my students all about the campuses I visited!

For all our day six pictures, click here!