Throwback Thursday: First Day of Kindergarden

Kindergarden seemed so long ago! I can't believe I went to kindergarten 30 YEARS AGO!

Rewind back to 1983: Sally Ride became the first American woman in space, on the Space Shuttle Challenger and Vanessa Williams became the first African-American to be crowned Miss America. McDonald's introduced McNuggets. Chart topping songs were Every Breath You Take by the Police, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Flashdance by Irene Cara and A-Team and Fraggle Rock were hits on TV. I'm older than the chicken nugget, great...

Here I am on my way to my first day in kindergarten, getting into our red Honda Civic Hatchback with my Snoopy lunch box, all ready to go! 

I don't remember the actual first day at school, the classroom, the friends I made, or even my teacher. What I remember is this moment, at home with my mom and dad, fussing over me. They wanted to make sure I was holding my lunch box right to get the perfect picture. They were fixing my hair and telling me "smile!" right before the pictures were taken. A picture was taken in the living room, getting into the car, getting out of the car, and in front of the entrance to the school. It was the first day of many, many years in school which definitely paid off!

This week was Jelo's first day of school. Although he's been in day care and preschool the last two years, this week was the beginning of "big kid school" as he calls it. I too fussed over his lunch box and backpack. I made sure we had lots of pictures before he left the house, as he was walking to school, at the entrance of the school, in his classroom, and lots of other pictures in between just as my mom and dad did with me. 

LEFT: First Day of Day Care RIGHT: First day of Kinder

I wrote Jelo a note as a surprise in his lunch box on the first day. I was surprised there was a note back for me when I opened his lunch box in the evening to clean it out. 

Translation: Hi Mom, is 5 Jelo! I play in a hurry! XO

This Throwback Thursday is for all the kids going back to school and all the moms and dads remembering their school days way back when!

What are your best school memories?