Throwback Thursday: Australia 2005

Once upon a time,when I was a teacher without kids of my own, I'd take my students on travel around the world. It was such a rewarding experience to take students on travel to other parts of the world. The wide-eyed looks on their faces and the big smiles I'd see everyday was priceless.

Many of the students I've taken on travel are not from well-off families. It took months of saving and thousands of boxes of candy bars, yard sales, and more to pay off their share for their trip. Some students had to choose from getting a car or going on travel, a fancy "quincenera" or travel. All the students who came with me said they made the better choice!

Here a few pictures from our Australia and New Zealand trip in 2005:

My students and I in a photo-op with a real koala in Australia.
Keeping low while feeding the kangaroos, being careful to to get kicked!
Sling-shot ride with awesome views of the green hills of New Zealand.
My students and I with the Syndey Harbor Bridge in the background
Winter is Australia, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia
Australia's capital
My cousin Weng and family took us around Canberra
Thermal activity in Rotorua, New Zealand