San Diego Bubble Run 2013

Walls of bubbles: pink, blue, green, and yellow! Run/walk buddy Eleina  and my boys had a great time today at the San Diego Bubble Run at Qualcomm Stadium!

The morning was a warm one, approaching 80 degrees at 8AM. The crowd gathered wearing white, ready to have their blank canvas of t-shirt colored by the bubbles. 

9AM the run began with most people walking with the sun and heat getting the best of most. My kids usually complain in being "tired" and "bored" during by run/walk events, all too often asking "Are we at the end yet?".

This time, there was not one complaint from my boys, which I was totally expecting because of the heat. What took me more by surprise was when they said "I don't want to ride in the stroller Mom, I want to run!". 

The walls of bubbles were so much fun and the anticipation of the next wall of bubbles was enough to keep my boys distracted from the heat and being tired. My boys loved the walls of bubbles that they'd get lost in. They laughed uncontrollably when they saw our stroller covered in bubbles. 

The Bubble Run has to be one of my favorite runs because my kids loved it so much! I can't wait to do this run again and bring some of our family friends with their kids with us!
WE finished!

Thanks Eleina for helping make sure my kids didn't get lost in the bubbles!

We found cousin Gia too!