Awesome Night at Diner En Blanc San Diego

When I saw the pictures from the first Diner En Blanc event in San Diego last year, I was so curious! The pictures from Diner En Blanc all around the world were beautiful. Everyone was wearing white, the venue and decor was also covered in white. The food looked delicious and it looked like everyone was having a wonderful time. Diner En Blanc quickly was quickly added to my bucket list!
I added myself to, what it seemed like, an exclusive wait list. I waited and month later I received an email with directions on how to purchase my pair of tickets. I had a specific day and time to login to a website to purchase my tickets. Once my tickets were purchased, I had the opportunity to invite a friend to attend as well. 

Once the tickets were purchased, I received very detailed information about the event. I already had a white white outfits in my closet and shoes to match so I was ready to go. My husband on the other hand didn't have much white to wear. We went on a hunt for white pants and shoes. We found white pants on clearnance at JCPenney's for $6! The white shoes we found were from WalMart. 

We also needed to bring our own white chairs and table. The table was OK to be colored since it needed to be covered in a while table cloth. I bought a table at Walmart and rented chairs from Jasso's Party Rentals. We had to bring our own china, wine glasses, napkins, and all.

The location for Diner En Blanc is secret so all the attendees were to board a a bus at various pick up spots around San Diego. Our pick up spot was Fashion Valley shopping mall. It was neat to see all the people gather, wearing white, unloading all their goodies from their cars. 

Here is hubby and friend Jose not really liking having to carry all of our stuff! 
The party started on the bus!

Once we were all in the bus, we were taken to NTC Liberty Station, the secret location for our Diner En Blanc. I was surprised on how organized the event was. All 1,600 attendees set their tables up quickly. Rows and rows of white tables with beautiful tablescapes were set in within minutes.

Our table decor was a collection of a few items I already had around the house: tea light holders with a white mini pail with silk hydrangeas.

For our dinner, I picked up some items from Goldilocks Restaurant and Bakery. We dined on Rice Medley (adobo fried rice with lechon, tomatoes, egg, and mango), Shanghi Lumpia, and Garlic Chicken Wings. Yum, yum, yum! I had to represent the Filipino cuisine!

No formal announcements were made the entire night. Once the white napkins started to wave in the air, that was our signal that the event has officially begun!

Everyone had their dinner, enjoyed their wine, and eventually ended up at the dance floor in the middle of it all.

We had a great time with our newly engaged friends, Eleina and Jose!

I even ran into a few friends from junior high school!

Around 10PM, everyone packed up what they had brought with them and boarded the buses. 

Diner En Blanc was a great experience! One more item checked off my bucket list!