Week Three and Four: #100milesummer

The last two weeks since my last post about my 100 Mile Summer progress I've been using my Fitbit Flex religiously. In the past I've used my Samsung Galaxy and the RunKeeper app to track my miles only when I'm actively exercising. With my Fitbit Flex, not only does it track my miles when I'm exercising, but also as I'm doing my daily routine.

The little lights on my Fitbit Flex wrist band tell me how much of my daily goal of 5 miles I've reached which is motivation for me to park a little further, chase my kids around a little bit more as they play outside, and engage in more activities that get me walking.

My total miles so far for the 100 Mile Summer Challenge is:
Week One: June 21 to 27  =  7.78 miles
Week Two: June 28 to July 4 = 18.96 miles
Week Three: July 5 to July 11 = 21.44 miles
Total: 48.18 miles


This past week, I've also started the The Omni Diet. I've read the book, The Omni Diet, by Tana Amen, and thought I'd give it a try. If you've read my previous posts, I've had a hard time with my weight all my life. I've lost weight and gained it back too many times. I'm ready, again, to make some lifestyle changes. I'm hoping the Omni Diet will help me get there.

The last few days I've started the diet with the morning smoothies to start my day. At first, the green smoothies were a bit scary to drink. Yet, they were much more tasty than they look!  A trip to the grocery store focused more on veggies, nuts, and grains. I'm slowly cutting away sugar from my diet too. This will be the hardest part as I love cupcakes!

Here's a little bit about The Omni Diet from their website:

The Omni Diet bridges the gap between meat eaters and vegetarians; health and weight-loss; to restore energy, slash the risk of disease, optimize brain and hormone function, produce dramatic weight loss, and make the body healthy from the inside out.  The Omni Diet is about abundance not deprivation! This revolutionary diet offers three, two-week phases, followed by a maintenance plan, including delicious recipes and important advice, such as how to mimic longevity-inducing calorie restriction without drastically cutting calories.

I'd love to share with you a copy of the book, The Omni Diet, by Tana Amen. Click the Rafflecopter link below to complete the entries below for a chance to win! Good luck!

I was given a copy of The Omni Diet to review. No other compensation was given. Winner's name will be given to Enlist Moms for distribution of prize. All opinions are my own.