How to Draw on a Smartphone, via my 5 year old

I came across these drawings as I was flipping through some of the apps on my phone. A phone comes with so many apps, half of which I'll never use!

I didn't know my 5 year old son, Jelo, had been drawing pictures on my S Memo app on my Samsung Galaxy S III. I didn't even know of the app, or the drawing function at that!

My son had always loved technology and easily understands how to use computers, tablets, and phones. He loves to watch Google and Windows tutorial videos on YouTube and even Vlogs every once in-awhile.

 He loves to play with Google Drive and Google Calendar creating pretend notes, essays, and schedules. 

Jelo's Google Drive

Jelo's Email Sent Folder

Jelo's YouTube History

 He's recently learned how to use Instagram and is having fun taking videos and pictures of his brother playing. Everything Jelo does online is closely monitored by my hubby or me. He's never on the computer alone. He's always in the company of either my hubby or me. 

I have a previous blog post about an "oops" my son had while playing with Google+. He asks every so often if he can have his Google+ back, each time I've said no and he replies, "ooooooh kay mom..."

When I asked him about the drawings on my phone, he grabbed my phone and simply said "It's easy Mom! See you press this, then you press that, choose a color, use your finger, and draw!" Wow, simply explained by a five year old!

Here are his cool drawings on the S Memo app of Mickey Mouse and a "cool koala" as he calls it!

Do your kids love technology? What are their favorite websites, apps, and games?