Food Friday: Nolbu

For years now, Garcia Family and some of our college Fridays get together on Friday nights for dinner. We try to eat somewhere new each time.

Thanks to the awesome pictures and reviews on Yelp, we tried Nolbu last night, a Korean restaurant in the popular strip of Asian eateries on Convoy Avenue.

The intimate little restaurant is a great date spot with booths that can be separated by curtains. There is a small bar on the inside which makes it a cool place to hang out with friends also.

Thanks to my in-laws, we were able to have dinner without our two little noise makers. This restaurant doesn't offer a kids menu so this is my indicator that they are not kid friendly, which is ok. Some restaurants have to be enjoyed without little kids around, this is the case here.

Here is the yummy that filled my tummy, clockwise:
Chicken wings with a sweet and spicy glaze, Beef Bulgogi which is marinated strips of beef- not spicy and a bit sweet, Kimchi pancake is a savory pancake with bits of Kimchi inside, Soju (a vodka-ish rice liquor) served inside a watermelon, and my awesome Korean friend Joyce who helps explain the yummy goodness.

My favorite was the Watermelon Soju! We totally enjoyed our dinner amd Drinks at Nolbu! Thanks to my fellow Yelpers for the great suggestion!

What are your favorite Friday night eats?