Backyard Camping

Ever since we had kids, my husband has been wanting to do a family camping trip. I was never fond of the idea. I've never been on a real camping trip before out in the woods with a tent, campfire, and the whole bit. I'm more of a glam-ping kind of girl: glamorous camping where we stay in a hotel in (or near) the woods and enjoy nature from the outdoor lounge area near the pool.

A family friend with kids of their own asked if they could come over and do a backyard campout. Their son has never been camping either so we figured a backyard campout would be a nice "trial" to see if the boys would like it.

The daddies set up two tents and the boys enjoyed filling their tents with their pillows and blankets. My kids can't do without their iPads so of course those were placed in the tents too! We had to explain in "real camping" there is no Wi-Fi and no plugs to recharge. I'm not quite sure they understood.

Grilled hotdogs and s'mores were on the menu.

Once the sun started to set, the boys took to their tents, set up their LCD lanterns and fell asleep quickly and without second thoughts about sleeping outside.  The daddies slept with the boys in their respective tents and the mommies slept in the warmth and comfort of the indoors.

Around 7AM the boys, kids and daddies, awoke with the sun. When I asked the boys, "So, do you like camping?" the dreaded shouts of "YES!!!" meant a real camping trip was in my near future.

I must admit the backyard campout was a success!

Do you have any suggestions for my "glam-ping" self to survive a real camping trip?