DJ turns THREE

My youngest is THREE!

At three years old, he can read simple sight words and loves to read. His favorites right now are his books about Small World at Disneyland and a "biography" of Queen Amidala from Star Wars. His favorite color is red so anything and everything red he has to have. He carried his dad's red foam roller all over the house because "it's my favorite color". He's grown to love the "Cars" movie from Disney and wants everything "Lightning McQueen" because, of course, it's red. His favorite food is Mac-n-Cheese for lunch and dinner, waffles for breakfast. Everyday when I pick him up from his Mama and Papa's house, on our ride home he'll say "Mom, talk to me!" where I have to ask him the usual questions "What did you do today?", "What did you eat today?", "Did you have a good nap?", and so on. He is his big brother's side-kick, usually playing nice, but not all the time.

Last weekend, we celebrated with a Linus from Peanuts themed birthday party with some friends and family at Shelter Island in Point Loma.

We had a super cute cake from The strawberry cake with cream cheese filling was super yum!

The decorated with a custom Peanuts comic book banner, which I couldn't get a good picture of because of the wind!

The centerpieces I made from printed Peanuts characters I found online and used modge podge to put them on cardstock. I hot-glued the characters on BBQ skewers, poked the skewers onto foam on the inside of these small metal pails I use over and over again for parties. 

I also made Linus blankets and for our guests to take home!

DJ loved playing with friends and riding his new "red" bike along the bay all day long!

The next day we headed to Disneyland to continue the celebration! We checked out the new show "Mickey and the Magical Map" which was super cool! DJ loved being greeted "happy birthday" everywhere we went!

Happy birthday my baby boy! Seeing your big smiles during your birthday make me the happiest mommy ever!