100 Mile Summer 2013

2012 was the year of the 12 runs in 2012 challenge by friend Eleina and I committed to in the last few weeks of 2011. You can read about all the fun we had here.

Eleina and I jumping fire at the Rugged Maniac in 2012
Then 2013 came. I didn't have a challenge or a goal to commit to so the weeks went by, quickly at that, where runs, walks, or trips to the gym were few and far between. After a trying day at work and the challenges of my daily routine as a mom of by two boys, I was just too tired at the end of the day to do some exercise. The pounds came back on, the stresses at work and home got the best of me, and here we are at the halfway point of 2013 without much exercise.

Once my summer vacation from work began, I again committed to my walks, runs, and trips to the gym. My first run/walk in the late afternoon with a cool breeze at my back, it felt good to be moving again. I was surprised I could run a bit still and not feel out of breath. At the end of those first three miles, I felt awesome. I felt energized, like my battery reset. With my first week down, I've completed 13.9 miles on the pavement and on the elliptical in the gym. Yay for me! I use the RunKeeper app on my smartphone to help keep track of my runs. RunKeeper also lets you connect with friends to challenge and encourage each other to get moving.

Today, I am across an inspiring challenge: 100 Mile Summer. Thanks to Markell from the blog "A Mouse in My Kitchen" I am again taking on a challenge of miles, 100 that is, to be completed this Summer season! I'd love for you to join me!

The official start of Summer is June 21 and ends on September 21 - three months to complete 100 miles. You can run or walk the 100 miles, no need to be speedy! I've always been a slow poke. When I run, I average a 13-14 minute mile. When I walk, it's over 20 minute miles. I'm short, 4'11" to be exact, so I blame my short legs for my lack of speed. I never really cared to be fast or beat "my time". I'm more about setting a distance and completing it. I've told myself, every time I went for a walk, run, or got on the elliptical, I'd go for at least 3 miles.

100 Mile Summer with a three day a week commitment will get you your 100 miles. Here is a schedule to help you complete the miles:

I'll be posting periodic updates here, on FB, Instagram, and Twitter so check it out and cheer me on! I'd love to see your progress too! Let's use the hashtag . Good luck!