Get your very own Stork Babies!

Being a mom of two boys, you can find our home with scattered toy cars, Legos, building blocks, and toy trains! We do also have lots of stuffed animals, one of which is our five year old's favorite, Olivia from Nick Jr.

Olivia, the pink pig and her red dress, is often right beside my son as he's sleeping, watching TV, or just hanging out. My husband and I have always been open to having our boys play with whatever toys they want to. We don't believe in "boy toys" or "girl toys", but more of whatever will spark their interest!

Garcia Memories is so excited to bring you STORK BABIES! When my boys first saw the Stork Babies, they said "Aw! How cute!" and asked to read the little descriptions of each of the babies. Each baby is unique, with a short list of likes and interests. This quickly led to a discussion of who the babies reminded us of, who we knew had the same interests as the babies, and more.

Here is more about Stork Babies:
The philosophy behind The Fiammetta Toy Co. Inc.™ is to empower children to believe in themselves and their abilities, and to nurture and build their self-esteem to feel confident and positive about the world around them. The Stork Babies™ dolls are designed to emphasize this philosophy, providing children with an adorable companion to dazzle their imaginations, to remind them of their worth and to help them believe in their abilities.

All Stork Babies™ are named and come with a unique saying that has been individualized for the doll. Our hope is that parents take the time and talk to their children about the empowering and/or positive saying that comes with the doll. We know parents are busy, but it is so important that your little ones feel good about themselves. If you can, spend a few quality minutes and talk about how important it is to believe in yourself, your talents and dreams. Little ones are so impressionable at this age and significant images of themselves can be formed. This is the time we must share how important it is to love ourselves for who we are and those around us.

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