It's Christmas Time Again...

Christmas is my husband's favorite season and thus has become a big deal in the Garcia house!  This year my boys started attending Sunday School and learned about "Jesus' Birthday" and the meaning of the Christmas season. It was delight to hear my sons repeat the stories they learned in Sunday School and all the more amazing that every time they see the Nativity Scene, they can tell the story, through a 4-year old's point of view of course!

The Nativity Scene at Mom and Dad Garcia's Home
The season is always filled with lots of fun, friends, and family! Here are a few of the highlights of the past month:

Every year we visit local Christmas light displays around San Diego. Our favorites are Christmas Card Lane in Rancho Penasquitos, Candy Cane Lane in Poway, and Belardo Lights in Tierrasanta!

Garcia Bros. and Garcia Dad with friends and family!
Christmas Card Lane
Christmas Card Lane
Belardo Lights
Candy Cane Lane
Candy Cane Lane
My husband's company, Quickplay, and a great holiday party at the US Grant Hotel in Downtown San Diego. The hotel lobby was beautiful. the food was delicious, and the quality time with the hubby was the best!

Garcia Mom and Dad
US Grant and its Christmas Colors!
Lobby of the US Grant - Beautiful!
If you know me, I love to bake so I had my boys help me bake some goodies to share at our family holiday parties. We made short bread, lemon, raspberry white chocolate, and chocolate chip cookies. We also made mini cherry-calamansi pies shaped like stars!

My crafty Garcia Bros. are always up for the challenge of creating something handmade! I'm trying to raise creative men who will one day "wow" and "awe" a deserving lady!

Foam Gingerbread House
Custom made mugs for Mama and Papa Luansing

Gifts for Garcia Bros. school mates!
Reindeer Noses a.k.a Whoppers and Cherry Sours!

The best part of Christmas is the quality time spent with family! Garcia Bros. love their grandparents! They squeal and run for hugs every time they see them!

Christmas Eve Lunch at Jiggle Jiggle Korean Cafe with
Mama and Papa Luansing and Uncle Jun-Jun

Christmas Dinner at Lola and Tatay Garcia's House

Me, Cousin Baba, and Sis-in-law Maria

Dad Garcia and Tatay Garcia putting together the drum set from Santa

Baby of the family, Cousin Noah!
Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you had a season filled with the love of family, friends, and the spirit of Jesus Christ!

Look what Santa brought us this year....