Cleopatra, Endeavor, and a Pie Hole

Birthday celebrations in the rain are never much fun, but this last weekend was the exception! Our Garcia Family headed to the California Science Center in Los Angeles to spend the day with one of our college friends, Zeela, for her birthday! Not only did we go to college with Zeela, she's also our DJ's Godmother!

We all met up in the outdoor pavilion right outside of the entrance to the science center. The purple "sky" the the floating pearls above us was an interesting sight! All the the friends we were with didn't notice the display. Garcia Bros. brought it to everyone's attention!  

We headed first to the Cleopatra exhibit where we saw the largest Cleopatra collection outside of Egypt. Most of the artifacts were found at the bottom of the ocean after earthquakes and tsunamis had buried it over 2000 years ago. The jewelry is what caught my eye. This powerful woman had herself some awesome jewelry! It's amazing how much of the jewelry had held up all these years! 

At the end of the exhibit, there was a display of paintings and images portraying Cleopatra. My son Jelo points at the pictures and says,  "It's Lady Gaga!". All the people around us couldn't help but laugh!

After visiting with Cleopatra, we saw the space shuttle Endeavor! Wow, the space shuttle us huge! When we walked into the hangar housing the space shuttle, it stood for a few seconds just in awe! It was much larger than I had imagined! Garcia Bros. loved the display on the space shuttle toilet and kitchen, the toilet most! The video explaining suction device and the camera to ensure correct positioning for the space shuttle toilet had them both giggling! 

Here are Garcia Bros. with Auntie Zeela trying out the hurricane simulator! 

Before heading back to San Diego, we had some sweets and coffee at the Pie Hole. I had the maple custard pie along side an affogato! So yum! Pie and coffee, chatting and laughing with good friends. Perfect way to end the day!

Happy birthday Zeela! Cheers to another year of fun and laughs!

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