Guest Post: Questions Answered

I admit my pitch for a "Dear Joyce..." section to this blog was for kicks and giggles, but I should have known that Lysa would make it happen! Makes me wonder what else I could have "suggested" and have come to fruition- ha! As a teacher, I've learned from first hand experience that collaboration brings forth beautiful things and interesting opportunities. I'm so excited to help the virtual community :) Please forward your cooking questions to @lotus1330 on Twitter. I'll repost on Thanks for reading and happy blogging!

*FYI- I'm obsessed with baking/cooking and have been experimenting with gluten-free and vegan cuisine.
My first request comes from @MiraMesaMom: "I need a recipe for hard boiled egg yolks! DD only eats the egg whites!"

Isn’t that always the case?! You or the people you cook for only eat “the good stuff” but what about the leftovers no one really wants to eat? Don’t front… that secret part of you replays the commercials with the poor starving children in third world countries and your inner Tim Gunn screams at you to “MAKE IT WORK!” Guuuurl, it’s ok. I have those inner battles too ;-) After reading your question, a couple thoughts popped up. Why not re-invent the homely yolk into something that dazzles?? I’ll give you the recipe for one yolk and you can double or triple up the recipe for however many yolks you're hoarding!

1 hard boiled egg yolk
½ tsp chopped dill
½ tsp finely chopped onion or green onions
1 tsp celery
1 tsp red bell pepper, finely chopped
1 tsp mayonnaise (use 2 tsp if you want it creamier)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp chopped bacon for garnish

In a bowl, crumble yolk then stir in the vegetables and mayonnaise. Don’t mash it, use a fork to fluff everything up. Then top with bacon and extra chopped green onions- YUM! I like to eat this smeared on (toasted) bread, crackers or veggies. I also like to replace the bread with some butter lettuce and eat it like a taco! Low carb and LOVING IT! This recipe makes GREAT filling for deviled eggs :-)