Influenster at Work

At work, I like to use candles and diffusers to have relaxing scents to fill my space. It helps me keep focused and alleviate the stresses I encounter daily. Often times I get compliments from not only my co-workers, but also the students and parents I work with with comments like "Wow, your office smells so good!".

So, thanks to Influenster, I received a Bath and Body Works Mini Candle in the Nutmeg and Spice scent which I immediately brought to work. I love the Fall themed scent! That same day I brought the candle to work, people would pass my office and do a double take to ask "What is the smell? It smells so good!"

I look forward to putting a few of these my some of the stockings of friends and family this Christmas! Sign up here to receive their coupons to get ready for the holiday season!

Another Influenster hook up is the Smooth Moves Frizz Control from Not Your Mother's. I'm always in search of a product that will enhance the natural waves in my hair. I like how this product isn't greasy or heavy. It leaves my hair smooth and silky. When I started using the product, people at work would ask "Did you get a haircut?" or they would say "I like your hair that way!". I'm a fan of  Smooth Moves Frizz Control from Not Your Mother's for sure!

A testament to a good product is when people take notice! This is the case for both the  Bath and Body Works Mini Candle and Smooth Moves Frizz Control from Not Your Mother's! Thanks to Influenster for hooking me up!