Fashion Week 2012

What an amazing experience! It has been an honor to be invited to be part of the "press" for San Diego's Fashion Week.

Many have asked, "How'd you get a press pass to fashion week?!". It's amazing what a little bit of networking, twitter conversations, emails, and Facebook "likes" can get you! That's really all it took! Not only was I able to get a press pass, I was able to get a few friends and family in also!

My adventures with Fashion Week San Diego started at the press event a few weeks ago. As one of my first events as my role as a "blogger", I felt a little out of place, awkward. After all, I'm not a "fashionista" and all I know about fashion is "if the price is right, and it look good on my curves, wear it!".

Because my role as "mommy-ista" is first and foremost, I missed the first few days of Fashion Week but got back into the groove of things at the VIP Preview Event at FIDM. I took cousin Amanda with me since she's an aspiring fashion writer. I thought this would be a great way to get her introduced to the scene! At Preview Night, we were able to meet the designers and see one highlighted creation to tease us of what to expect for the runway show the next day. Luna and Activate are two of the sponors who were present that night with samples of their products. The location of FIDM has an awesome view of downtown SD and Petco Park. The DJ was playing, wine samples from California Fruit Wine  as well as appetizers were available.

The Runway Show at the Hard Rock Hotel the follow day was awesome! I felt like I was in a magazine or on a TV show. Beautiful people all around, drinks, music. Amanda and I sat in the "press section" right at the head of the runway where a VIP swag bag was waiting for us! Jewelry, spa samples, accessories, media, and even a blouse from one of the designers was in the bag!

The runway show itself was a great experience. The collections were all unique, each offering its own personality to the show. My favorite was the collection from A'doreus, a plus-size collection. There was a theme of "yellow" of most of the designs presented. The designs were thoughtfully done to complement the shape of a plus-size woman! When introducing A'doreus, the emcee said that in most runway shows plus-size collections are presented separately and that Fashion Week SD was proud to include this collection in its show. I'm glad Fashion Week SD included the collection that speaks to many of the women in San Diego!

 Another favorite part of the runway show was the collection by Kenneth Barlis which was presented with music with Tagalog lyrics. The music along with the dress with pink capiz shells and maria clara sleeves was another proud moment for me with the touches of the Filipino culture presented in the show. Here is a part of Kenneth's collection. You can hear me signing along in the beginning (So embarrassing. I was excited!).

Here are a few other highlights of the runway show:

The next day was the trunk show gave people the chance to see the designs up close and make purchases as well! Mini-makeovers, manicures, mini-photo sessions were also part of the festivities at the trunk show. Meeting with the designers Andre Soriano, Kenneth Barlis, and Sharlene Borromeo allowed me to personally congratulate them on a job well done and for representing the Filipino community so well! I also bought myself a pair of shades from Desiar Eyewear! I love them!

With Director of Fashion Week San Diego, Allison Andrews!

The entire Fashion Week San Diego was a great experience! It was an honor to be a part of the celebration of what San Diego has to offer! And yes, everyday mommies can get part of the fashionista crowd of SD too! I can't wait to be part of it again!

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