Busy Bee Costume for Preschool Bug Party

One day, I picked up Jelo from school and he said "mommy, I made you an invitation for our bug party for next week but I didn't finish it yet so I'll give it to you tomorrow and Ms. Myra said we have to wear a costume but it doesn't have to be a bug, and the party is next week, Ms. Myra said you can read the class a story if you want, can you do that mommy? Read a story for my class for my bug party? Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase?!"

If you know any four year old, you know that they have to much to say and have to say it as they think of it in fear they'll forget what they wanted to tell you. So, as any dutiful mommy would do, I agreed to help with the bug costume and agreed to read a story to his class.
 I was super excited to get started!

First things first, the costume. Jelo said he wanted to be a ladybug. Since the "lady" part of the "bug" name didn't fly well with daddy, Jelo agreed to be a bee. So I got right to work! 

At Michael's I bought:
- A yellow t-shirt
-A yellow baseball cap
-black pipe cleaners
-black foam board 
-black Tulip Fabric Spray Paint

Using some masking tape, I created stripes on the t-shirt and used the fabric paint to create the black stripes. I did the front first, then the back. Each side took about two hours to completely dry. 

Once dry, I cut out a triangle out of the black foam board and cut a slit in the back of the t-shirt where I inserted and glued the foam triangle as a "stinger". 

I then put two black pipe cleaners into the holes of the baseball cap and curled the ends to simulate antennae. I found the bee wings at the Dollar Tree so those I didn't have to make, yay!

At the actual bug party, some parents ready a story for the students. I was one. It was lots of fun! The four year-olds were more attentive than I thought they would be! Their teacher has taught them well!

Then class then did a little song and dance. You can see little brother DJ in the front joining in on the fun!

All that singing and dancing made the kids hungry! 

It is such a joy to watch my boys grow up! Moments like these bring me so much happiness. A few times during the bug party, I had to hide my tears of joy because it made me so happy!