Sharing is Caring!

Earlier this year, a friend of mine invited me to participate in a "get one, give one" craft activity. If you chose to participate, for every crafty gift you received, you'd have to return the favor! For that activity, I made some scarves that had some cute feather accents attached to the ends. I then received some custom drink coasters that had my pictures of my husband, kids, and I on them! Super cute! The others have yet to return the favor! Hey girls! I'm waiting...waiting...waiting! Its ok, patience is a virture!

LaidOffMom is hosting a similar craft share she's calling "A lil' bit of L-O-V-E". So, I'll get something crafty from her, if I share something crafty with all of you! So, the first three to post a comment down below will get a two pairs of DIY earrings!

So here are the rules as described by LaidOffMom: 

Within a year (but for me, I’ll send them to you within a month) you’ll have to create a gift and send it to the first 3 wonderful people who comment on this post! To win a handmade gift from me, (as one of the first 3 commenters) you have to pay it forward.  Your mission (if you wish to complete it) is to spread happiness & love on your own blog (whatever your heart desires to create) and offer the same giveaway to your first 3 commenters.

Sound good! Let the comments begin!

Happy Crafting!