Run #8 of 12 in 2012

For a little history on my 12 runs for 2012 challenge, you can click here and here!

January: Diva Dash 5k
February: Mermaid Run 10k
March:Hot Chocolate 5k
April: Color Run 5k
May: Bay Bridge 5k
June: Rock n' Roll 10k Relay
July: Walking Dead Escape

For the month of August, I decided to start my Cupcake 26.2 Virtual Marathon! Over 40 friends and family (and friends of friends) joined me for the month of August to complete 26.2 miles! It was great to see those who don't run/walk/bike take this opportunity to get moving! It was even more awesome to see my runner friends encourage everyone to get moving! I loved the pictures of cupcakes people posted at the completion of their miles!

It was so successful, I decided to do the create an official Facebook page for the Cupcake 26.2 Virtual Marathon and Twitter @cupcake26_2VM. I hope these social media endeavors continue to encourage anyone and everyone to complete 26.2 miles every month!

We're looking for sponsors so, you you got the hook ups, let me know!

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