Labor Day Weekend

I love the weekends! Especially long ones! This weekend we decided to surprise the boys in a mini-vacay to Orange County.

We started off at our usual Home Depot kids workshop. The boys made a goal post for paper football. It was quick and easy to make!

We then headed for the freeway.
Jelo kept asking "where are we going" and our answer was always "it's a surprise!!!!" When we got near to our destination, Jelo noticed the "knotts berry farm" sign at the freeway exit and he said, "are we going to knotts?" he figured it out!

We checked into the the knotts berry farm hotel and resort. Our room was in the snoopy wing with custom snoopy decorated rooms. The boys loved it! Jelo even asked "can we just live here mom?", haha!

We then spent the day at knotts soak city. It was a beautiful day and the boys loved every moment! Lazy river, wave pool, kids play was non stop fun! Even daddy had fun at the front of the wave pool crashing into the huge waves!

The next day we had a visit from snoopy as we had our breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Jelo was excited, DJ freaked out! We got a cute family picture nonetheless!

On our way home, we stopped by fashion island in Newport beach for my stop of our mini-vacay: some shopping and macarons!

Once back in SD, daddy wanted to support the 12 hour organ concert at balboa park to benefit Operation Rebound. We enjoyed the sights and sounds for a bit then headed home.

On Monday, we decided to stay out of the sun and enjoy a movie. Daddy watched "Bourne Legacy" while I took the boys with me to watch "The Odd live of Timothy Green". The boys were good for the most part but got antsy for the last 30 mins of the movie. There was popcorn all over the floor of where we sat and there was a lady behind us who seemed to have "shhhh" programmed to her lips everytime my kids made a peep! The movie was cute and magical. It didn't make me cry like I thought it would. My four year old said "I liked that movie mom! That kid was funny!"

It was a great Labor Day Weekend spent with my three favorite guys! I hope everyone had a fun and restful weekend as well! Now, back to the usual "labor" again tomorrow!